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The PencilKit Design Library provides Apple PencilKit UI resources. The primary component of the PencilKit UI is the Toolpicker that appears at the botton of the canvas (by default). The ToolPicker can also be dragged, in which it transitions to a circle containing the currently-selected tool, or minimized to a slightly smaller circle. Dragging allows the Toolpicker to be docked onto the side of the screen in a vertical position. This library contains four primary symbols: Horizontal Toolpicker, vertical Toolpicker, minimized Toolpicker, and and in-motion Toolpicker. Each is implemented in light- and dark-mode. The library also includes overrides for the Toolpicker, tool popup menus, and an Apple Notes-like navigation bar.

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This PencilKit Design Library was designed by Tony Camilli  -  Twitter -  Source page

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