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Terms of Use

For Submissions:

Only upload resources that you created and own the rights to. If you have adopted someone else’s work as a base, make sure you give credit. It’s that easy! Don’t claim ownership over things that were not done by you or your team/company. Do not submit anything you don’t want others to use. Everything submitted on Sketch App Sources is fair game for others to adopt. If you have special terms of use for your resource, please specify your terms when you share your work. In such circumstance, you may also want to include a README file to let users know the kind of use you allow. Sketch App Sources holds no responsibility for the use of your submissions. If your terms are broken, it is your responsibility to take action, but do make us aware of the situation.

For Downloaders:

Please familiarize yourself if there are special terms of use specified by the resource creator. In some cases the owner may include a README file outlining the restrictions or kind of use allowed. If the downloaded file includes instructions, please follow them. If you adopt someone else’s work as the base for your own, give credit -- it goes a long way!

For Commenters:

The Sketch App Sources team reserves the right to delete any and all spam or comments deemed inappropriate or out of place. Deletion of a comment is done by the discretion of the webmasters. The comment section is for constructive praise or criticism. Use this space to learn from each other and make friends. Remember that links added to the comments section are not operated by Sketch App Sources, and Sketch App Sources is not responsible for the content of those sites. You should click with caution and at your own risk.

Don’t Forget:

The Sketch App Sources website is created with for the design community. This site is a collection of many tips, articles, and free design resources created by Sketch users from around the world who want to share their work and passion. Find user interface templates, icons, sliders, buttons, website templates, mobile apps and many more .Sketch files you can download and use for your projects. Join the community, enjoy the resources, give appropriate credit, learn from each other, contribute and keep up the great work!

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