Where can I download Sketch?

You can visit sketch.com to download Sketch and purchase a license. Your license comes with a year’s worth of updates. Once that year is up, you can renew your license to continue to receive updates, or you can keep using your last version of Sketch for as long as you want.

When can I learn how to design in Sketch?

There are a lot of online courses we can point you to depending on your experience level. A great starting point is the 90 minutes Sketch 101: Create your first designs by Sketch. Furthermore, if you're looking for one-on-one or corporate training for your team, email us at contact@sketchappsources.com.

I can't find what I need. Can you design _______ resource for me?

We embrace open source design and would love to help. Designers and developers around the world create free and premium resources every day. If you are working on a special project or looking for something specific, let us know contact@sketchappsources.com or submit a Resource Request Form. We will do our best to help.

Can I download Sketch for free?

You can downlod Sketch for free on your macOS and try the software for 30 days. No email or credit card are required. The trial version of Sketch lasts for 30 days from the first time you launch the app on a new device.

Can I download Sketch for Windows or Linux?

Sketch requires macOS. Sketch is build on special Mac technology that is fundamentally different from Windows and Linux. Nevertheless, if you work with a designer or a developer who uses Sketch, they can share a Sketch Cloud document that you can collaborate on via your favorite web browser.

Can I open Sketch files on Windows?

Sketch files can be previewed via Sketch Cloud link and opened in any modern web browser. However, if you are a Windows user and you would like to work with Sketch files on Windows, the best options is to download a free, third-party app called Lunacy by Icons8. Lunacy's interface and features are different, but Lunacy is designed to work with old and new versions of Sketch files.

Can I open a Sketch Cloud link without Sketch?

Yes, a Sketch user can share Sketch documents and Libraries with others to collaborate and gather feedback, or store designs privately in the cloud.

Can I use Sketch resources to design products or artwork that is sold on merchandise?

It depends on the resouce. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that there isn't a copyrighted asset included in some Artboard by mistake. We recommend that designers always do their due diligence and make sure they have the rights to the images they include in their artwork. Some resouces include licenses and instructons inside the .sketch file or in a separare README file. If you have questions about a particular resource, please email as at contact@sketchappsources.com.

Are there any discounts available for students?

Yes, Sketch offers free licenses for academic institutions that install Sketch in their labs, and a 50% discount for students and teachers with valid ID and proof of eligibility. To apply and submit your proof of eligibility, visit the Sketch Education Store.

Can I use an older version of Sketch?

Older versions of Sketch can be downloaded from the historic releases page.