Sketch Assistants

Assistants automatically check your designs and provide helpful tips and suggestions.

  • Organizer

    Organizer by Slice Design

    Organizer Assistant keeps your documents clean and organized with helpful tips and suggestions.

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility by Yana Gevorgyan

    Ensure your document is accessible and compliant with WCAG 2.1

  • Artboard Status & Navigator

    Artboard Status & Navigator by Francesco Bertocci

    Keep track of the status of your artboards and quickly navigate to them

  • Sketch2React Conventions

    Sketch2React Conventions by Team Sketch2React

    An assistant to help you with Sketch2React's framework's naming conventions and document structure.

  • Duplicates

    Duplicates by oodesign

    Reports duplicate symbols, layer styles, and text styles in your design files.

  • Naming Conventions

    Naming Conventions by Sketch

    Naming conventions used by the Sketch design team for Pages, Arboards, Groups, and Symbols.

  • Tidy

    Tidy by Sketch

    The rules in this Assistant are all focused on keeping your Sketch documents as clean and tidy as possible

  • Reuse Suggestions

    Reuse Suggestions by Sketch

    Notices when similar styles and groups could be abstracted into shared styles and symbols respectively

  • Assistants check your documents to help you spot issues, stay consistent with design systems, prepare your files for collaboration or follow your team’s rules. Assistants are specific to a Sketch file which means they can be shared as easily as sharing files. Assistants are like another set of eyes or QA for your design.

  • You can create and customize Assistants using JavaScript β€” for you, your team, or the design community. Sketch has created ready-made rules and templates to get you started. If you share your Assistant with the community you can even get featured in the Sketch Directory. Learn more in the Documentation below.