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You may be wondering what makes a good resource?

Here are some tips for organizing your Sketch file before submission.

  • Substance

    Share resources for inspiration or for foundation to kick-start a project. Most of the wireframes, websites and apps we build have common components, icons, styles, and patterns. Thus, consider including reusable and well organized components in your resource.

    Examples: Sample A, Sample B, Sample C, Sample D

  • Organization

    Grouping related layers will keep your document organized. To create a group, select few layers, and hit Command+G. Then, Command+R to rename it. By using Pages you can separate UX flows or concepts into sections.

  • Naming

    Use good and consistent naming conventions for your Pages, Artboards, Layers, Shapes, Groups, Symbols, and Text Styles. Your developer and designer friends will love you. Whenever you create a layer or group, hit Command+R right afterwards to add a name. Alternatively, use Rename It to batch rename layers and artboards.

  • Symbols and Styles

    You can turn any button, row, box, or entire UI frame into a Symbol. If you include a slash (/) in your Symbol’s name, Sketch will treat these as group separators. For example, two Symbols named Button/Normal and Button/Pressed will be grouped together into a submenu called Button. Consider creating symbols for all repeating patterns or UI elements.