All Keyboard Shortcuts for Sketch

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Insert an Artboard

Arboards allow you to organize and place your designs in contextual flow. There are predefined Artboard sizes for iOS and Android devices, responsive websites, and icons, but you can always create a custom-sized Artboard.

Resources: Social Media Marketing, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Website Advertising Banners

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Rename Selection

It's helpful to quickly rename your Artboards, Groups, and Layers as you create more of them.

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Basic Shape Layers

Rectangle R and Oval O shapes are foundational to any design.

R or O

Group Layers

Multiple layers can be grouped and manipulated together.


Ungroup Layers

Similarly, a group of layers can be ungrouped quickly.

shift G

Next or Previous Page

Although there isn't a shortcut for creating a Page, you should consider using these shortcuts to navigate documents with multiple Pages.

fn or fn

Duplicate Selection

Artboards, Groups, and Layers can be duplicated anytime you hold alt when dragging anything in the Canvas.

Hold alt Drag Layer

Duplicate & Repeat

After duplicating, you can repeat the same action with the same position offset.


Display Distances

Display the distance between surrounding layers by selecting a Layer.

Hold alt Hover Around

Creating Layers

Shapes are the most common type of layers in your document. There is a variety of simple shapes which can be combined into more complex shapes.

Creating Shape Layers in Sketch


Create a Rectangle or hold shift to create a Square.


Rounded Rectangle

Just a basic Rectangle with default corner radius of 8. Alternatively, you can create a Rectangle and set the corner radius manually.



Create an Oval or hold shift to create a Circle.


Circle or Square (Perfect Aspect Ratio)

First, press O or R. To create a Circle or Square, simply hold shift while creating the Oval or Rectangle.

Hold shift

Draw from Center

By default all shapes are drawn from the originating cursor point. Hold alt while creating a shape to draw it from the shape's center point.

Hold alt

Draw from Center with Perfect Aspect Ration

Similarly, hold alt shift while creating the desired shape.

Hold alt shift


Sometimes it is more useful to create a Rectangle R and adjust the height and width.


Pencil Tool


Vector Tool


Vector Points

Whenever you create new or edit an existing shape, you are dealing with vector points. With these shortcuts you can change the selected point's type and more... Mastering the Bézier Curve in Sketch, Precise Pixel Editing

Vector Tool


Draw Straight Lines

With the active Vector Tool, you can create a new point aligned at 45° angles to the previous point.

Hold shift


Straight line without control points.



Control points are opposite of each other and mirror each other.



Control points are completely independent of each other.



Distance between the control points is independent, but they do mirror each other.


Shape Edit Mode

If you want to edit an existing shape, double-click on it or press enter.


Select Multiple Points

Hold down shift while you click on points. The selected point(s) will have more pronounced border.

Hold shift

Next Point


Show Only Selected Point


Snap to Middle Point

Click on a line between two points, Sketch will insert the point exactly in the middle of the line.


Combining Shapes

A complex shape is often composed of more basic shapes. With Boolean Operations you can combine basic shapes to create more complex ones. When you have multiple shapes selected, you can use these shortcuts.


The result is a vector that is the sum of both vectors' areas.

alt U


The result is a vector where the area of the top shape is removed from the one under it.

alt S


The result is a vector consisting of the parts where the original shapes overlap.

alt I


The result of a difference operation is the inverse of an intersect operation.

alt X

Editing Shapes

To select and edit a Layer you can use the following shortcuts.

Change Opacity

Change the opacity of a Layer or Group from 1 = 10% to 0 = 100% opacity.

1 0

Toggle Border


Toggle Fill


Explore Fill Color

control C

Use as Mask

Any shape can be turned into a mask. Any layers above the mask are clipped to its contents.

control M

Edit Layer

Edit the vector points of the selected layer.


Direct Selection

Select any layer regardless of Groups.

+ Click


shift T


Holding shift will rotate the selected Layer in 15° increments.

shift R

Toggle Lock

shift L

Toggle Hide

shift H

Moving and Resizing Layers

To restrict movement to a particular axis, hold down the shift key when you drag. The Smart Guides and distance parameters will help you align Layers within the Canvas.

Move Layer

Move a layer in the respecting direction on the Canvas (hold shift for 10px increment).

/ / /

Lock Layer

Move a layer in the respecting direction on the Canvas (hold shift for 10px increment).

/ / /

Enlarge by 1px

Enlarge a layer (hold shift for 10px increment).


Contract by 1px

Contract a layer (hold shift for 10px increment).


Direct Selection

Select any layer regardless of Groups.

+ Click

Select Multiple Layers

shift + Click

Resize from Both Ends

alt + Resize

Preserve Aspect Ration

shift + Resize

Arranging Layers

If select multiple Layers and want to distribute them nicely, you can use the Make Grid tool by going to ArrangeMake Grid. Additionally, you can distribute and align Layers using the Inspector's position buttons as shown below.

Distribute and Align Layers in the Inspector

Align Section

Select multiple Layers and align the entire selection to their parent Artboard.

alt + click on the Inspector's align buttons

Arrange Selected Layers Horizontally

control H

Arrange Selected Layers Vertically

control V

Send to Front


Send to Back


Move throughout Layers



Symbols is a powerful feature in Sketch that allows you to reuse elements easily across Artboards and Pages.

Create Symbols (Custom Shortcut)

shift C

Go to Master Symbol

Click enter

Return to Last Symbol Instance


Next or Previous Page

If you Choose to Send Symbol to "Symbols" Page, you can use these shortcuts to navigate between your Pages.

fn or fn

Text Layers

When you have a text layer selected you will notice that the Inspector has changed to show you all the properties that apply to text. Further reading: Typesetting in Sketch, Missing Fonts



Text Edit Mode

Simply, press enter on selected text layer or double-click it.

enter or Double-click

Change Font








Bigger Type

alt +

Smaller Type

alt -

Tighten Character Spacing

control alt T

Loosen Character Spacing

control alt L

Left Alignment

shift {

Right Alignment

shift }

Center Alignment

shift |

Emojis and Special Characters

Inserts emojis and special characters from a custom dialog while you are in text editing mode.

control space bar

Convert Text to Outlines

This is especially useful for creating typographic logos as you will be able to manipulate every vector point independently.

shift O

Line Break

Inserts a line break in text editing mode.

shift return

Spell Checker and Dictation

Text Edit Mode

Simply double-click on a text layer or press enter.

enter or Double-click

Check Spelling

Once in text edit mode, check the spelling of each word by using this shortcut multiple times. Misspelled words will be highlighted.


Show Spelling and Grammar Pane

Additionally, once you are in text edit mode, you can open Spelling and Grammar pane.

shift ;

Start Dictation

Once you are in text edit mode, you can dictate text instead of typing. Note: Enabling "Enhanced Dictation" option will download a 1.2GB file to your Mac.

fn fn


When you want to export your design you have to tell Sketch which part(s) you're interested in.

Export via Drag

Drag a Layer outside of Sketch: Export 1x PNG asset

Drag outside of Sketch

Make Exportable (Custom Shortcut)

Select the Layer (or Group) that you want to export and click "Make Exportable" in the bottom-left of the Inspector or go to Layer > Make Exportable.

alt E


Draw a new Slice or make a Slice based on selection.

S + Click

Export Selection

Export the entire Canvas or only the selection.

shift E


Save Document

Once you save your Sketch document, your Mac will auto-save the file on a continuous basis. You can turn off and on this feature by going to Sketch > Preferences > General or ,.


Save Document Copy As

alt shift S

Find Layer by Name

Quickly search and filter layer names. See the Find input field in the bottom-left corner.


Copy Layer


Paste Layer


Paste in Place

By default, Paste will position the new copy over the original. With this shortcut, you will position the new copy in the center of the Canvas.

click + shift V

Copy Layer Style

alt C

Paste Layer Style

alt V

Open Preference Window



These shortcuts will help you position and align Layers exactly how you want them. A great read on achieving pixel precision with the shortcuts below Precise Pixel Editing

Toggle Rulers

control R

Toggle Grid

control G

Toggle Layout

control L

Toggle Show Pixels

Pixels will be more visible when you zoom in past 200%.

control P

Toggle Show Pixels Grid

Any edges that do not align with the pixel grid will be visible when you zoom in past 600%.

control X

Move Around Canvas

space bar + Drag

Zoom and Focus

Sketch's Canvas is infinite in size. You can scroll as far as you want in any direction and use these shortcuts to get back to your work.

Zoom In

Zoom to specific area by clicking or dragging while holding Z.


Zoom Out

Zoom out of specific area by clicking or dragging while holding alt Z.


Zoom to Actual Size of Selected Artboard


Zoom on All Elements on the Canvas


Zoom to the selected layer


Center the Selected Layer in the Canvas



Presentation mode, full-screen, hide panels and more...

Sketch Toolbar, Layer List, Inspector Panels

Toggle Presentation Mode

Hide everything except the Canvas. This mode is ideal for quick presentations.


Toggle Full-screen Mode

control F

Minimize Window


Toggle Toolbar Visibility

alt T

Toggle Layer List Visibility

alt 1

Toggle Inspector Visibility

alt 2

Toggle Layer List and Inspector Visibility

alt 3

Custom Shortcuts

Open your Mac's System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > +

Create Custom Sketch Keyboard Shortcut

Custom shortcuts can be created via OS X System Preferences. To add your own custom shortcut, open your Mac's System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > Add. In the drop-down select Sketch under Application. After you've selected Sketch you will be able to define your custom shortcut.

Make Exportable

alt E

Collapse Artboards and Groups

alt /

Make Grid...

shift M

Round to Pixel

shift P

Math Operations Shortcuts

After selecting a shape, perform basic math operations by focusing on fields in the Inspector with alt tab and moving through all numerical inputs with tab.

Sketch Inspector Math Operations

You can add, subtract, divide, multiply, and in some cases, use percentage to tweak your shapes, as shown below. For exmple, you can select a shape and use +, -, *, /, and % in the numerical fields (position, size, and transform). In the radius input field you can specify a different value for each corner by using / (ex. 40/0/40/0).

Sketch Keybaord Stickers

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