1. Image comparing a wireframe, mockup and prototype over a yellow background.

    Wireframe vs mockup vs prototype: What’s the difference?

    Discover the differences between wireframes, mockups and prototypes — and when to use them

  2. Illustration of Nintendo Switch controllers made with Sketch

    Space to play: How Ramsés Cabello uses Sketch to relax and unwind

    Designers just want to have fun — with Sketch

  3. Image showing how to create a mockup over a teal background.

    Top 4 ways to create a mockup for your design

    Discover the different options at your disposal to create a mockup for your designs

  4. An illustrated image of a file with a lock in front of it, on a teal background

    Take more control over sharing your work in Sketch

    Discover how to use My Drafts and project share settings to choose who sees your work — and when

  5. Sketch illustration of design brainstorming showing lightbulbs with a teal backdrop

    Design Brainstorming: From ideation to creation

    Learn about different types of design brainstorming techniques and how they can help unleash your creativity

  6. Image showing how to create a wireframe over a blue background.

    How to create a wireframe: The ultimate guide

    Get the step-by-step guide on how to create a wireframe for your mobile app or website

  7. An image showing two screens interacting as a prototype.

    What is a design prototype? The complete guide

    Find out what a prototype is and how it can help you test out your designs ideas

  8. An image of a color tokens swatch in Sketch

    Introducing Color Tokens — bringing Color Variables to your development projects

    We’re taking developer handoff in Sketch one step further with a new way to sync colors — from your design system, to development, and beyond!

  9. Image showing various device mockups over a teal background.

    What is a design mockup? The definitive guide

    Find out what mockups are and how they can help you create high-fidelity product designs

  10. How to write user-friendly error messages

    Find out how to stamp out bad copy in favor of useful error messages

  11. An illustration showing two interlinked hearts in the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag

    We stand with Ukraine

    Starting today, we’re stopping all sales in Russia

  12. Sketch illustration showing the difference between UX and UI design through a button that is half colored and half engineered

    What is the difference between UI and UX design?

    Learn about the different roles within design and how they collaborate to create great products

  13. Image showing a mobile app UI design over a blue background.

    What is UI design? And why is it important?

    Learn what is UI design and how it can help you build better apps and websites

  14. illustration depicting how a symbol instance fits into a symbol source in sketch to create a complex symbol

    How to work with complex Symbols

    Learn how to create complex Symbols and make your designs even more flexible

  15. Image showing wireframe examples of a blue background.

    10 Wireframe examples for mobile apps and websites

    Draw inspiration from these different wireframe examples for mobile apps and websites

  16. How to organize your Symbols and manage overrides

    Learn how to keep your Symbols organized and ready to populate your designs

  17. Image showing a Sketch clicker and the Corners icon over a yellow background.

    Behind the scenes: How we updated Corners for the Mac app

    Get the inside scoop on the new and improved Corners as we walk you through the new changes to the Mac app

  18. image showing how to edit symbols in sketch

    How to edit Symbols and set resizing options

    Learn how to edit Symbols to your heart’s content