Slice - Modular Design System for Web

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Modular Design System

A set of 4 libraries with unified design style and consistent set of rules. Create web and mobile user interfaces with the best components.

  • How does it work?

    Slice is a Modular Design System shaped from 4 separate UI libraries. The main purpose of this resource is to serve as a project boilerplate and provide you with all the necessary building blocks. This way you can create great websites and apps without wasting time on designing basic components.

    With Slice you will have essential components made with extreme attention to details. It's a great way to speed up your projects and have a trustworthy design foundation.

    What's included?

    Over 380 components that are carefully and strategicaly organized in 4 libraries. Each libraby contains fountational compoenents grouped by type and size:

    Core Library - Colors, Text Styles, Overlays, Image Grids, Glyphs, Style Guide

    Controls Library - Buttons, Inputs, Input Headers, Toggle Progress, Pagination, Segmented, Alerts, Tooltips

    Navigation Library - Menus, Submenus, Pages, Header, Tabs, Search, Sidebar, Breadcrumbs, Footer, Scrollbars

    Cards Library - Regular Bars, Small Bars, Social, Text, Shopping, Dashboards

  • License

    The personal license allows for personal projects for one user. The team license allows for personal and commercial projects for a small team. The professionals license allows for personal and commercial projects on unlimited scale. If you work in a team select the team license that corresponds to your team.

  • Highlights

    All elements are created with responsive web design in mind. Furtheremore, keeping components in separate modules make Slice much easier to use with different brands and user interface circumstances.

    This approach dramatically reduces the time spent on designing, which results in cost savings, and makes scaling your projects a breeze.