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iOS and Android Design Kit
iOS and Android Design Kit

Design Kit for iOS and Android Apps

With over 1600 responsive components, 250 styles, and 75 app templates, Plaster is a powerful toolkit for an efficient product design and a great resource for creating interactive prototypes.

  • How does it work?

    Plaster comes with a theme, a UI kit, and components specifically desigend with Material and iOS best practices in mind. Therefore you can use just this one resource to create tailored apps for both Android and iOS by mixing, matching, and customizing components.

    What's included?

    A set of Sketch files containing hundreds of well-organized components, dark and light UI kit as well as screen that every iOS and Android app might need: Login, Register, Phone Confirmation, Navigations, Inbox, Search, Profiles, Settings, Galleries, Products, Contacts, Music Player, Blogs, Files, Statistics, Payments, Quiz, Calendar, Camera, and more.

  • iOS and Android Components
  • Beautiful Android and iOS App Themes
  • Highlight

    You will be able to create Android and iOS apps with a consitent look and feel that respects Material and iOS best practices. You will design beautiful cross-platform interfaces and save time because the Plaster file structure can help you scale your project while keeping full control over each design element.


    The personal license allows unlimited personal and commercial projects for one user. If you work in a team select the team license that corresponds to your team size.

  • Preview of the responsive components with predefined constraints and Smart Layout.

  • Shared libraries with components and styles for your team, documents and projects.

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