Neon Design System

I'm not a fan of Sketch's Insert menu. It's hard to see the tiny symbols in the list and on top of that if the symbol is meant to use overrides they are ignored when placed via the Insert menu.

There's another way to set up your design system.

Initial Setup:
1. Create two files. One for your team's Symbol Library and another for the Design System
2. In your Design System file link to all the symbols in the Symbol Library
3. All designers download the Design System folder and link the library in Sketch

Daily Usage:
The designers on your team can either copy and paste symbols from the Design System to their own files or use the Insert menu

All symbols will get updated when the library is updated. Also all overrides comes with the copied and pasted symbols. This setup scales well across 6 or 60 designers.

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This Neon Design System was designed by Mike Sokol  -  Dribbble -  Website -  Source page

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