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I needed a document to fast comparing fonts on the go using sketch, so I created this documents that include different size and possible scenario for the font you want to use. There is also a section to compare it with most common font which I convert into shapes in case are not available in your library. I am using Georgia cause should be inside mostly of your libraries. I used an Half pica modular scale for the font size and the line height, consider though that different fonts will look different depending in the size and line height, so take this more like a point to start rather than an end one. There is also an example in attachment. This is the first version and I know there few things to fix so don't be to harsh with it :) NOTE: Unfortunately sketch doesn't allow to change all the fonts layers at once, there is a plugin that does that but I dint find to work all the time. So all the layer you need have no folders so you can select all of them faster. Enjoy!

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