See a movie at the drive-in
Walk on the boardwalk and listen to the boards creak under your feet
Blow bubbles
Play tag, hopscotch, or one of your favorite childhood games
Ride a roller coaster
Play miniature golf
Win a prize at the fair
Catch fireflies at night
Build a sandcastle at the beach
Eat a whole lobster with your hands
Pick berries and peaches at a farm
Buy a Creamsicle from the neighborhood ice cream truck
Roast marshmallows over a fire and make s’mores
Make lemonade from scratch
Eat corn on the cob
Sip a sweating glass of iced tea
Eat a slice of watermelon
Buy fresh produce at the farmers’ market
Mix up a pitcher of sangria
Eat a soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles
Dig your own clams
Have a barbecue
Nap in a hammock
Have a picnic in the park
Sit on a porch swing
Stargaze while lying in the grass
Watch the sun set from a beach
Dangle your feet off a dock
Bring a blanket and lie on the grass at an outdoor concert
Pick wildflowers
Swim in a lake
Rent a bike
Go fishing
Go camping
Play tennis
Go for a hike
Go kayaking or canoeing
Toss a Frisbee
Collect seashells at the beach
Take a last-minute road trip
See a summer blockbuster
Read a trashy novel
Walk barefoot in the grass
Get caught in a summer rainstorm
Sleep with the windows open
Make a summer playlist
Smell freshly-cut grass
Feel the sun on your back
Roll up your pant legs and go wading
Go to a baseball game