Meet Dr Jones
Brunch with Tom
Dev team scrum
Hockey game
Panel discussion
Go for a run
Dinner with the Gang
Meet tax lawyer
Volleyball practice
Long hike
Dance class w/ Clara
Ask Mike for rent check
Drinks with Kendrick & Tony
Yoga class
Dinner date
Sleeping whole day
SciFi Writing Group
Young Voices concert
New House of Cards episode
Design meeting
Catch up w/ Nicole
Kids bike session
Pay rent
Call Jason
Meeting with hotel company
Discuss project requirements
David's birthday party
Secret Project presentation
Lunch with Timmy
Draw & Drink event
HR onboarding
R&D meeting
Daily review
Valentine's Day
Children back to nursery
Trip to Aquarium
Parents evening
Dinner with Sam
PT Meeting
Weekly Meeting
Doctor's Appointment
Pick-up Judy
British Music Festival
Date with Tina
Picnic at Central Park
Kandinsky Exhibition
Technical delivery call
Discuss campaign performance